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Become the most well-known expert in your field by speaking directly to your audience everyday.


Unlike traditional podcasts, which require the listener tune in for an hour or more, Micro-Podcasts are only 2-3 minutes long, fitting easily into your listeners’ day.


Because they’re only a couple of minutes long, you can easily batch record 2-4 weeks’ worth of episodes at one time and schedule them for publication later.


You get a little bit of your customer’s attention every day. You become the expert in his or her mind and when they’re ready to do business, you’re already top of mind.

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Studies show that micro-podcasts increase loyalty among listeners faster while reducing subscriber churn. It’s a lot easier to get someone to give you “a minute” than give you “an hour.”

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Become the expert in your field and expand your reach

Broadcasting daily opens new opportunities in a much bigger way than ever before. Amy Summers of Pitch Publicity and INICIVOX® became an adjunct lecturer at the University of Florida teaching, “Pitching Persuasion,” based on the success of her micro-podcast, “The Pitch.”

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Repackage your micro-podcasts into shareable content

Add video and animation to create exciting audiograms. Package multiple episodes together to create a mini lesson plan. Click the audiogram to the left to see how Mark C Perna does it.

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I’ve seen an 82% increase in listeners and Jeff made everything super easy. Jeff is the man!

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Let Jeff help you set up your briefing and then grow it to levels you never thought possible.

Matt Miller – Founder and CEO, School Spirit Vending
It’s totally worth checking out. Jeff, I think a lot of people need to spend more time speaking with you.

Chris Brogan – Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need any special equipment?

No, many of our clients record episodes on their phone with their earphones. Since the episodes are so short, you don’t even need to edit them. It only takes a few minutes to just record it again. We’ll give you all the instruction you need to create high-quality, professional micro-podcasts.

What about mixing and sweetening the audio?

We’ll show you how to set everything up to record the best audio. Also, part of the monthly fee covers all the audio sweetening you’ll need: adaptive leveling, filtering, hum reduction and volume normalization are included in the service.

What kind of contract do you require?

No contract is required. After your initial setup and first month’s fee, you can cancel at any time. That’s how confident we are that micro-podcasts will work for you.

What will it take to be successful?

While success can come in many forms, we assume you mean building a big audience. And we’ve found anyone can build a big audience with micro-podcasts if they maintain consistency. If you’ll commit to yourself that you’re going to publish everyday, you’ll build the audience you want. There’s never been an easier (and fun) way to become an expert.

Wait…I have to do this EVERY DAY?

To succeed, you need to publish everyday, but the vast majority of our clients batch record a week’s worth or a month’s worth of episodes and let us schedule them for publication. It’s much easier to create a batch of episodes at one time.

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